Carl (dafunkk12) wrote,

Carl's Daily Micro-Blogging

  • 02:03 I swear, if the in-app experience weren't so good, the bullshit other factors in using/managing an iPad wouldn't be worth the trouble. #
  • 02:04 TF War for Cybertron figures continue to evolve the artform. How do kids figure these out? Why aren't these engineers working for DARPA? #
  • 02:49 Strictly re:graphic design, EGM is an embarrasing overdesigned fanzine and GamePro is a professional class-act. Total flip-flop of years ago #
  • 12:27 4Rivers as a fund-raising incentive? Yum. Still had to wait in line, of course, though it was in the office lobby. #
  • 20:06 I think my fortune cookies are talking to each other about what to say to me... #
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